Grant Application for Disaster Responders

At Rowlett Strong, we completely understand your desire to help others who have been affected by a disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. We raised almost 20% of the money used by the Rebuild Rowlett long term recovery fund to help with tornado relief after the 12-26-15 “Christmas tornado” that ravaged our town. It gives you a good feeling to be able to help, but more importantly it shows that we are all in this together, regardless of religious or political disagreements, and that we are all God’s creations and He expects us to help each other out in times of need.

The $5,000 that Rowlett Strong raised with our 2nd Annual Rebuild Rowlett 5K was not needed by the Rebuild Rowlett long-term recovery fund, so it has been reallocated for the purpose of providing financial assistance to groups that wish to help others affected by more recent disasters in the same way that Rowlett was helped after the tornado in 2015. We’re calling this our “Hurricane Helper Grant Program.”

We’ve already awarded $1,000 but still have money available. Please take the time to fill out the short application and let us help you help others.

This short application just asks a few basic questions about your plans to help and your fuel needs. We have focused on providing funds for fuel costs because that is a major part of getting to the affected area and we don’t think it should be a barrier to any group that wants to help.

Preference will be given to groups that consist of first responders and are affiliated with a 501(c)(3) such as a church or charitable organization.

first re·spond·er


North American

First responders from those cities and towns that responded to the Rowlett tornado in the days and weeks following 12-26-15 will be given first consideration among first responder applicants.

Any individual or group of concerned citizens may apply. Decisions will be made by our Board of Directors by Tuesday September 12. We reserve the right to require copies of receipts to ensure compliance with the terms of your grant. Rowlett Strong, Inc. will comply with any applicable IRS reporting requirements in the event a grant is made.


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